5 Ways To Improve Android Gaming Experience

Now, most of the popular and addictive games are available for the mobile platform. While screens are getting bigger and bigger. In the coming few months, foldable smartphones will also take that place. The gamers and game lovers now only focused on budget all-rounder or flagship killer devices due to its powerful hardware specs. But most of the device users don’t know that their devices also capable of playing online larger games like PUBG Mobile, etc. Here in this guide, we will share with you 5 Ways To Improve Android Gaming Experience like never before.

While iOS offers a more stable and polished platform where games are played very nicely. Android OS still doesn’t have that much of a polished or fluid system for heavy gamers. Even in a flagship device, you may notice lag or slow loading issue very often while gaming or multitasking.

5 Ways To Improve Android Gaming Experience

5 Ways To Improve Android Gaming Experience

However, if Google releases any game booster or performance booster mode into the Android OS by default, it may come in handy for most of the device users. Otherwise, you can also use third-party apps which can improve your gaming experience up to some extent.

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Here are the 5 ways to improve Android gaming experience even in a low or budget category Android smartphone. It may improve the device smoothness and performance up to a limit.

1. Use Gaming Mode

If you play PUBG Mobile or Fortnite or any other FPS games on your mobile, even a tiny interruption/distraction can ruin your winning chance at any point. While so many notifications, calls, messages, etc may also make thing worse. By using the Gaming Mode, you can easily manage all of your notifications, calls, and a few other settings while gaming.

5 Ways To Improve Android Gaming Experience

It’s a third-party app developed by one of the XDA Developers members which work fine in most cases. Once you have enabled the Gaming Mode, you can block all alerts, avoid phone calls by auto-rejecting, cleaning background running apps, and more. Additionally, the app can manage system permissions when you launch a game.

It will block all network distractions, calls, messages, and notifications for smoother gameplay. Download the app from below and enjoy gaming.

Download: Gaming Mode (Google Play Store)

2. Use Do Not Disturb (DND) Mode

If you don’t want to install or use any third-party apps you can easily use default Do Not Disturb mode from your phone.

Just go to Settings > Sound > Do Not Disturb. Enable/disable anytime you want and you can even set timing as well. You can also specify which notifications do you want and which you don’t.

Mostly, Do Not Disturb mode can be accessed from the quick shortcut toggle of the notification panel. Just tap on/off to enjoy the gaming via DND mode.

3. Google Play Games

The Google Play Games is another useful app from Google itself for gamers. It acts as a dashboard of Google account linked games. Once you have signed in into your game via your existing Google account, Google Play Games activates itself. It even upgrades your ranking level and score counts as well as an achievement.

Here you can check rankings, leaderboard table, etc with ease. Here you can find new or trending games. It may help you in a few cases.

Download: Google Play Games (Play Store)

4. Tweak Game Settings

By changing the game settings to a medium or low, you can easily increase your Android device performance while gaming. Either you can reduce or adjust the display settings or extra tweaks like anti-aliasing, texture, etc to play the game better. It seriously comes in handy for PUBG Mobile players.

The controls, shooting aims, content detailing can also be reduced while gaming. It may reduce your graphics viewing experience but increases the smooth performance. If you’re using any of the older or budget Android devices, this tweak will be useful.

5. Use External Gaming Controller

Even if you have a larger display smartphone with top-grade hardware specifications, you may feel or notice some issues while holding the device and playing games. While the Laptop or Desktop gamers will always find it difficult to play hardcore games on mobile. It’s just because of the display to body ratio or form factor.

In order to bypass the issue, you can buy and use any of the third-party gaming controllers for your handset. It will simply enhance your gaming experience and you can freely navigate your fingers without hiding the display area.

Popular games like Fortnite, PUBG Mobile, Asphalt have in-built settings to adjust external controller buttons. You can even use PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch controllers on your Android (depends on compatibility).

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