Download SuperSu Zip and SuperSu APK (All Versions)

SuperSU is one of the most popular and the best superuser access management tool for your rooted smartphone. Here in this article, we will share the links to download SuperSu Zip and SuperSu APK of all versions. You can also flash the (.zip) file to your device via TWRP Recovery. Otherwise, you can simply download the APK file on your handset and install it.

What is Root

The Root access means user accessibility to the core directory of the system or the system settings. It means if you enable root access to any system, you can do customizations by override the system preferences.

Your Android device firmware is completely locked by the manufacturer with preloaded apps and system preferences. So that you can’t uninstall those apps or can’t tweak any mods as well. But, once you enable Root Access to your device, you can uninstall any preloaded apps (including System Apps), can view hidden files/folders, can make changes to the system. You can also install some of the root apps, which provides superuser functionalities such as Titanium Backup, link2sd, Greenify and more. It’s worth mentioning that without accessing root, you can’t tweak these changes.

Does Rooting An Android Phone Void Warranty

Yes! Rooting your Android Phone will void your device warranty completely. But, there are several tools and tutorials available in the market. With these tools, you can also easily unroot your Android phone whenever required.

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In addition, that rooting permission and voiding device warranty – all depends on the smartphone OEMs and firmware. Some of the devices are very hard to root and risky as well due to support or accessibility (ease of use). While some of the OEMs kernels, firmware easily supports Bootloader Unlock and Root Access. Such as Xiaomi (MIUI), Stock Android devices (mostly), Micromax Yu devices, Samsung Galaxy devices, Sony Xperia etc. So, you need to check with your smartphone OEM or XDA Developers team, whether your device able to root/unroot in a normal way or not.

Now, let’s head over to the SuperSu tool. This is the main tool to gain root access easily.

What is SuperSu

SuperSu is a Root Access Management Tool which helps you to enable the Access to Root Permissions to the Apps.


  • Superuser access prompt
  • Superuser access logging
  • Notifications access
  • Temporary/Full Unroot
  • Ghost mode
  • Wake on prompt
  • Convert apps to system apps
  • You can also pick up themes and icons from the option

Download SuperSu Zip and SuperSu APK (Latest Version)

Download SuperSu Zip and SuperSu APK

The previous versions of SuperSU files were not working Properly on some of the Android devices. Now the latest version V2.82 of Supersu resolved those issues. You can also download previous versions. But it’s recommended to get the latest one.

Download SuperSu Zip File (Flashable)

Alternative LInks (SuperSu Zip + APK)

Download SuperSu Zip

Download SuperSU APK

How to Install SuperSu via TWRP Recovery

Full Detailed Guide: How to Root Android using SuperSU ZIP and Custom Recovery

Note: You must have TWRP Recovery installed on your phone to use this method.

  • First, download SuperSu (.zip) file from above links on your device.
  • Copy the SuperSu (.zip) file to the root directory of your internal storage.
  • Switch off your device and boot into TWRP Recovery (by pressing and hold Volume Down + Power button together.

Please Note: The combination of buttons to boot into TWRP might vary in some devices. 

  • Now the TWRP main screen will appear. Select ‘Install’ > select the downloaded file from the storage.
  • Swipe to Install and wait for the complete process.
  • Once SuperSu is installed, click on ‘Wipe cache/Dalvik’ option > ‘Swipe to wipe’ on the bottom of the screen.
  • Now you have successfully gained root access.
  • To verify the root access, go to Google Play Store from your Android phone and install the ‘Root Checker App’ and check the root status. Root checker app confirmed root access available with a green right tick. Enjoy! 🙂

If the root doesn’t succeed, try again carefully and do the steps properly.

Please make sure to take a complete backup of your device system and data to avoid any error or data loss. won’t be responsible for any kind of damage or issue occur to your device(s) during the root installation. Do at your own risk.

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